Tablika is a cloud-based collaboration mobile platform which enables anyone and everyone to create apps - with no coding.

By using templates, drag-n-drop and point-n-click, created apps are published to Tablika Marketplace with one click.

Tablika can be used to create new business apps by connecting to different sources of data (documents, videos, etc.) or simply used for personal or professional apps.

Use Tablika to bring collaboration to your team or customers for continuous productivity and engagement.

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  • Create your Apps in the Design Studio

    Use drag and drop, point and click, templates and App samples to create your apps in minutes, with no coding.

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  • Preview, Test and Publish your app with one click

    Preview your app and test them for smart phones or tablets, iOS or Android on-line. Happy? Deploy them on mobile devices with one click!

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  • Share your apps privately or publicly

    By making your App public you can share it with anyone who has the Tablika App, if you are sharing confidential or sensitive data,or simply you have designed an app for specific group of users or customers, make it available to only them.

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  • Edit and re-publish your app at anytime for immediate release

    Missed something? Need to add a page? or update content? Login on-line, make the changes and with one click latest update will be sent to the device. Next time your users launch the app, they will see the latest version you have deployed. No need to download an update from App Stores.

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Go To Marketplace

The Marketplace is now available on both Apple and Google Play stores. Download it and start creating your own Apps!

  • Convert any document to an app with one click

    Doc-2-App converts a document to an App by using an easy and intuitive web page. A document can be uploaded from your desktop, imported from a URL or sent to the system via email. The imported document gets converted to an App with its own pages. Then the App can be further edited by adding new pages, changing the design, look and feel and new content.

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  • Selected Kaltura Videos in any App

    Create Mobile Apps with the selected Kaltura videos in conjunction with Text, Images, Forms and data; Share the apps publicly or privately with your user

    Learn More
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